Our Model for Creating Pathways

communityled effort to create positive economic outcomes for citizens reentering society in the Greater New Bedford Area.

Program Overview

Pathways 2 Freedom’s program leverages our organizational leadership, relationships with key stakeholders and our united program structure putting mentoring and wrap-around support at the center of our work to offer a suite of services to individuals looking to re-enter society.

Our signature program model consists of cohorts who engage in an extensive program. Each participant is partnered with a Civic Reengagement Peer/Mentor and is led through a series of workshops facilitated by experienced instructors who utilize evidence-based education materials and models. Participants are also given office hours and technology support throughout the week.

Substance Use Counseling

Pathways to Freedom offers a combination of treatment and support by a licensed professional trained in psychology, human behavior, chemical dependency and therapeutic methods to those seeking help to break free from drug or alcohol addiction. We provide one on one substance abuse counseling in a compassionate and confidential environment. Clients work one on one with a licensed addiction counselor in a compassionate and confidential environment to address issues like mental health, behavior patterns and treatment options. This type of therapy is often a key part of recovery to assist clients both mentally and emotionally in overcoming substance dependence.

Psychoeducational Groups

Pathways to Freedom Psychoeducational groups are led by a qualified therapist, focused on providing education through information-sharing and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. This form of group therapy allows the group to focus on a specific set of needs and unique topics because members of the group often share the same or a similar diagnosis.This can help clients open up more and become more engaged by realizing that others experience similar issues.These groups are not focused on the development of interpersonal relationships but clients benefit from the peer interactions in this setting.

Mental Health Counseling

At Pathways to Freedom our licensed professionals work with individuals, families, couples, and groups in a variety of settings to treat the cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of mental health conditions.Our counselors work with patients through various methods of psychotherapy to assist in developing meaningful behavior changes and offer coping strategies to help in navigating life’s struggles to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Community Based Services

are dealing with substance use, mental health and/or are justice involved. Pathways to Freedom works to help identify and eliminate barriers for these individuals by providing community based services to connect and assist individuals with the additional support and resources they may need in areas such as housing, peer and recovery support, food, medical and dental care, MAT, court and transportation.

Take the Next Step

If you or someone you know could benefit form our program, please use the link below to contact us and one of our support navigators will reach out to you as soon as possible.